The SAIL (Sudanese Australian Integrated Learning) Program is a volunteer-run, non-profit, secular organisation which

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provides free tutoring and educational support to the Sudanese Australian community.

SAIL runs every Saturday morning, from mid-February until late-December, offering tutoring to approximately 300 members of the Sudanese community with a volunteer staff of about 180 people.

The SAIL Program consists of six programs each listed below. Every program has its own resources and dedicated volunteer staff.

SAIL Junior
Our Junior program provides pre-school Sudanese children with the opportunity to learn socialisation skills, whilst focusing on literacy, numeracy and early learning development. It also allows Senior program participants with some quiet time to concentrate on their own studies.

SAIL Primary
Our Primary program provides one-on-one tutoring for Sudanese children in primary school, focusing on building positive relationships centred on a value of education.

SAIL Secondary
Our Secondary program provides tutoring for Sudanese teenagers in secondary school, focusing on a wide variety of educational needs including homework, school projects, exam revision and interpersonal skills.

SAIL Senior
Our Senior program provides tutoring for Sudanese adults, many of which are the parents or grandparents of children who attend our Junior, Primary and Secondary programs. Similar to all our programs, it focuses on the diverse needs of the individual student, which may incorporate a wide variety of different activities such as practising their English language skills, improving on their numeracy abilities, or exam revision for University.

SAIL Xtend
Our Xtend program offers extra-curricular activities to SAIL students on a rotating basis on Saturday afternoons. It consists of a range of activities including bike-riding and repairing, engineering problem-solving workshops, tennis matches, AFL games, cooking classes, arts and crafts, yoga sessions and even music lessons.

SAIL About
Our About program offers excursions and camps to SAIL students and tutors . Previous excursions have included included nature walks, sports games, theatre plays, films, music concerts, markets, tv shows, museums as well as amusement parks and visits to the beach. Excursions are followed-up with worksheets and reflective discussions at SAIL.

In addition to excursions, each year in partnership with Lord Somers Camp and Powerhouse, our Secondary students are invited to attend a weekend-long camp at Somers on the Mornington Peninsula. The camp offers fantastic team building activities and leadership opportunities for our students.

In addition we also offer:

Every session all SAIL participants are provided with a free, fresh and healthy lunch, including morning fruit. All lunches are prepared by our wonderful kitchen volunteers each week.

Community and Tutor Talks
A wide range of professionals are asked to speak with tutors offering educational advice, tutoring techniques, lesson planning and skill-renewal opportunities. For the Sudanese community, SAIL offers Community Talks designed to be informative on various topics.