SAIL Primary

The purpose here is to equip SAIL tutors with the best possible worksheets, resources, ideas and activities to work with their Sudanese students on Saturdays.

These worksheets have been created by SAILors for SAILors. They are copyright free and can be amended as you wish. If you want to add to this list, please email or your SAIL coordinator.

Craft Activities
Activity Name
Blind contour drawing
Ceramics – patterned slab
Crayon etching
Exquisite corpse
Fabric collage
Flip book
Paper beads
Sculptural birds
Wool pom poms

Literacy worksheets
1,000 most common words
Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives
What is my name?
Bingo using 101 common words
Philosophy for Kids: The Giving Tree
Philosophy for Kids: Where the Wild Things Are

Web links

ESL Teachers’ Resources Page |Australian Council of TESOL Associations (ACTA)

Australian Council of TESOL Associations, is the national coordinating body for Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).  This is their resources page which is full of great links for getting ideas on activities and worksheets to do in your Out of School Hours Learning Support Program

The following websites offer a range of free activities, word puzzles, literacy advice and games. They have been used by SAIL tutors in the past.

AFL Resources: The Australian Football League has prepared a range of curriculum resources to arm teachers, and tutors in homework programs, with fresh ideas for learning.
Black dog for kids: Various types of jigsaw puzzles, including slide puzzles, drag and drop puzzles and jigsaw puzzles.

Bottle rockets: Various educational and fun craft ideas including making your own bottle rockets.
Fitbrains: Different types of games that all work towards widening the vocabulary and strengthening health canada pharmacy antifungals word skills.
Learn English Today: Different types of online games including crosswords, jumbled sentences, missing words and matching exercises. There are also lots if printable games including word searches, crosswords and quizzes. There are different categories in all of the above, ranging from easy to challenging.

Luminosity: Online games aimed at strengthening ‘brain’ skills such as memory (username: SAIL-Brainiac; password: brainysailor)
Music Puzzles: A huge range of music related puzzles, including some word finds.
Search Puzzles: a massive range of word puzzles, with lots of categories including Books, Computers, Entertainment, Music related, Miscellaneous, World Countries, USA, Sports and Games, Science and Kids and Teens puzzles. Mostly Word Search or word puzzles.
Free Puzzles: A range of puzzle categories, including Geometry Puzzles, Weight puzzles, Logic Puzzles and Maths Puzzles.
You play: Various games: Crosswords (quick, giant, general knowledge, and cryptic), logic, Trivia, Sudoku and word games.
Colouring In: Free colouring pages,  games and jigsaw puzzles.
Learning games: This site has some great printable mazes and educational games
Puzzlemaker: run by the Discovery Channel, this site allows you to generate your own customised word search and crosswords using your word lists. It also has some useful clipart to decorate worksheets with.
Education World: Lesson plans, printable worksheets, advice and ideas are all available from this wide-ranging site
ESL Flow: A comprehensive source of information on teaching English to students with ESL.
ESL lounge: Provides printable worksheets and boardgames
ESL Images: Worksheets and flashcards with images on them for any purpose.
John’s ESL: See especially the printables section.

BBC Skillswise
Fact Monster
Edu Place
BBC Schools
Spin and Spell