SAIL Reading Levels

Reading Levels Explained

Most of the student-SAILors have been tested using the Victorian Reading benchmark testing kit. The results of these tests have been given to the co-ordinators and placed in a folder in alphabetical order of first name. A cover sheet has been attached to each test to help you easily interpret the results.

The cover sheet shows a Victorian state reading level and a SAIL level. As an indication, a majority of the children are expected to reach level 24 by the end of year 2. The SAIL level relates to the reading boxes that have been set up in the library and range from levels 1 to 12. Please take a look at the SAIL level and select books from the appropriate box to read each week with your student.  We recommend that about 20 minutes of each session should be spent reading and discussing the texts.  Also on the cover sheet are the child’s strengths, interests and areas for improvement.

Ideas to help improve reading

Sight words:  There is a list of the 100/ 200 most used words in reading.  Books were surveyed and these are the words that occur most frequently.  If your health canada pharmacy antivirals SAILor student knows these words by sight, their reading will improve.  Being able to spell these words will also help with their writing.  Encourage the child to write sentences using these words

Before reading: Look at the front cover with your student.  Tell the SAILor the title of the book and ask them what they think the story will be about.

During reading: If the SAILor is stuck on a word, encourage them to use picture cues, initial sounds and to break down the words. Discuss what had been happening in the book. Ask the SAILor how they think characters feel why they think certain things are happening and what they think will happen next.

Encourage emergent readers to point to each word as they read.  As the SAILor becomes more fluent encourage them to remove their fingers. When reading aloud encourage the SAILors to take notice of punctuation and read with expression. Read simultaneously with your child to help improve their fluency. Read to the SAILor and model fluent, expressive reading.
If you have any concerns about what to do next please refer to the other advice on the Tutor Resources section or contact your co-ordinator